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Look what we did in Technology:


Upcoming projects...

    K: 5 Senses in Kidspiration

    1:  Things that Go Movies

    2:  Book Reviews/Web Reviews & SAT 10 Practice

    3:  Tech Assessments | Scratch & SketchUp

    4: Tech Assessments | Scratch & SketchUp

Apps & Web 2.0 tools we’ve used:

    K: MS Word Pixie, Kidspiration, Quicktime, Mimio

    1:  MS Word, Pixie, Kidspiration, BrainPopJr, Digital Camera, Mimio

    2: Corkboardme, PhotoBooth, Wordle, Inspiration, PowerPoint, Google Earth, RWT Letter Generator, MS Word, GarageBand, Pixie, GarageBand, VoiceThread

    3: PhotoBooth, Inspiration, MS Word, Excel, GarageBand, Wordle, Pixie, Comic Life, iPhoto, KidsBlog, Scratch, SketchUp

    4: TTL4, PhotoBooth, Stickie Notes, Comic Life, Excel, Inspiration, PowerPoint, Wordle, MS Word, KidsBlog, Scratch, SketchUp

Kindergarten Sperow

  Grade 1  Lewis

Space w Pixie

Grade 1 Lewis

  Grade 1 Lewis


Grade 1 Lewis

  Grade 1  Lewis

Spring Positions

Grade 1 Lewis

Tech Wordles Grade 2


Multiplication Splat Raps  Grade 3

Morabito  & Friedheim

Planet PowerPoints Grade 4

White & Vanstaden


Featured project Snowman Details in Pixie

Grade 2 Simpkins Book Reviews in VoiceThread

PLUS...Fun (& educational) stuff to do on the web: